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Your "Music",

Your "Film",

Your "Rights", 

Your "ShowTime". 

Distribute your music through us for FREE and earn a never before royalty up to 90% to 100%. Get heard on Spotify, JioSaavn, Apple Music and all the top Music apps worldwide, that too by keeping 100% rights with you.

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Our company name is "Rhythms & Films Media" abbreviated as "RHYFIL".   It has been started by three art connoisseurs Suresh Talekar, Gaurav C Bhat and Sunil Chandurkar.

We are a 'one-stop-shop' music label, music distributor, music promoter, artist manager and career planner for Independent artists.  With the best team we have, with a prior experience of working with various music labels, music distributors and aggregators, we are aware of the challenges and shortcomings faced by artists in India, and thus we decided to form RHYFIL.

A lot of research and analysis of revenue generation has been done through various resources like online platforms, singers, musicians, filmmakers etc before we started our maiden venture.

Pick any successful organization in the Media and Entertainment industry, the two of the most important pillars are Content and Technology, and these two are primary ingredients of RHYFIL too.  Come join us to enjoy your FREE RUN and SEE YOUR MUSIC REACH AND SELL.

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Be Independent.

Why Choose RHYFIL?

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Earn 90% of Royalty & Stay Cool

An opportunity never before to keep 90% of the Revenue being generated by your music from OTT audio streaming platforms, and we take only small chunk of 10 % from it. No distribution fees, no hidden charges.  We also provide you an option of earning 100% of the Revenue as well  and  that too with you owning the copyrights of the music. Yes you got to believe that this can happen!

Sell your Music & sleep tight

RHYFIL is a Music Label for the independent artists, where you can sell your music to us, we have an internal team that evaluates the price and once approved, we can buy it off-front.  Bottom line, our job is to help artist make money from whichever avenue it comes with complete transparency.  So Believe in us, and Believe in your Music!

Very easy earnings from Youtube

Don't fall for dreamy ideas and traps of making money from Youtube Ads, rather come to us and write your own destiny. Yes we can make it happen with our expertise. You just need to produce a simple video and feature it on RHYFIL Youtube channel and we will pay you per organic view, a redemption we bet no one offers.

Create Cinematic Videos

We have an in-house team of established and award-winning cinematographers, directors, screenplay writers, editors etc. If you have an audio ready, we can produce a video for you or also work together in collaboration.

You Create. We Distribute

We distribute your music for FREE to all of the top worldwide music stores. Be it Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music or JioSaavn.  We also distribute your music to Facebook, Tiktok for Free.

Learn Music From Experts

We are a 360 degree solution for artists and if an artist wants to learn few new vocal tricks or wants to change the vocal tones for trying different genre singing or may want to learn classical or switch to light Indian singing. We are here to help you achieve it. All you need to do is to Contact us and we will connect you with the best and most appropriate "Guru" for you.

Artist Benefits by RHYFIL

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Earn upto 90% to 100% Revenue from OTT Streaming Apps

Share your Video on RHYFIL Youtube and earn pay per view

Sell your audio to Rhyfil and earn a lucrative perpetual income for your music

Sell your Audio and Video both and earn a lucrative perpetual income for your music video


Home: FAQs

What format of audio and video to be submitted?

Audio Format: WAV file (no MP3), 16 bit or 24 bit, Stereo Audio with sampling rate between 44.1KHz and 192KHz.

Video Format: MP4 File, Full HD (1080p) or above, Min Dimension 1920x1080, Video Codec H.264 (preferred), Bit rate 24 mb/s minimum, frame rate 24.9fps or 30fps or higher 

How can I make money using RHYFIL?

Distribute your music worldwide.  With RHYFIL there are many ways you can make money.  (1) RHYFIL distribute your song(s) to world's top audio streaming OTT platforms and share 90% revenue with you.  (2) RHYFIL can outright buy your Audio and Video and pay you one time price.  (3) You can feature your video on RHYFIL (even already released video) and earn pay per organic view from RHYFIL Youtube Channel. 

Yes.  RHYFIL shares quarterly reports with artists provided more than 100 streams being played in a quarter. RHYFIL extract reports from all the OTT stores and prepare a store wise consolidated report for the artists.

If I sell the song(s) to RHYFIL, do I lose the credits?

NO.  Not at all.  It's your creation.  RHYFIL makes sure that original creator(s) get their due credits for their creative work.  So we retain your credits on Video (youtube channel) as well as on Audio (streaming platforms).  Only copyrights are transferred to RHYFIL.

Can I make money from already released Video?

Yes.  With RHYFIL now, you can feature your video on RHYFIL youtube channel and get paid per organic view.  Contact us for further details.

Does RHYFIL share streaming reports with artists?

What Platform does RHYFIL distribute to?

RHYFIL distribute your music to all TOP world wide platforms.  To name few: Spotify, JioSaavn, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Gaana, Hungama, Shazam, Pandora, Anghami, Tidal, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and more

Contact Us

Write to OR
Call/WhatsApp +91 98215 80888 OR Fill the form below

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you shortly.

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Send us WAV file of audio or MP4 file of your Video (a Scratch or Preview copy will also do)

We will review your content and if our content team approves, we will contact you.

Once on board with RHYFIL, it's time for you to sit back and see your music reach & sell

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